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Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

  1. Daniel M. Butler and Charles Crabtree, "Moving Beyond Measurement: Adapting Audit Studies to Test Bias-Reducing Interventions." Conditionally accepted at the Journal of Experimental Political Science.
  2. Charles Crabtree and Michael J. Nelson, "New Evidence for a Positive Relationship Between De Facto Judicial Independence and State Respect for Empowerment Rights." Forthcoming at International Studies Quarterly.
  3. Charles Crabtree and Michael J. Nelson. 2017. "plotrr: Functions for Making Visual Exploratory Data Analysis with Nested Data Easier.'' Journal of Open Source Software, 10.5281/zenodo.290608.
  4. Charles Crabtree and Matt Golder. 2017. "Party System Volatility in Post-Communist Europe." British Journal of Political Science, 47 (1): 229-234.
  5. Pete Hatemi, Charles Crabtree, Rose McDermott, "Does the Public's Private Behavior Match Their Political Preferences?." Forthcoming at Personality and Individual Differences.
  6. Charles Crabtree and Christopher J. Fariss. 2016. "Stylized Facts and Experimentation." Sociological Science, 3: 910-914.
  7. Christopher J. Fariss, Zachary M. Jones, Fridolin Linder, Charles Crabtree, Megan A. Biek, Ana-Sophia M. Ross, Taranamol Kaur, and Michael Tsai. 2015. " Human Rights Texts: Converting Human Rights Primary Source Documents into Data" PLOS ONE, 10 (9): TBD.
  8. Charles Crabtree and Christopher J. Fariss. 2015. "Uncovering Patterns Among Latent Variables: Human Rights and De Facto Judicial Independence." Research & Politics, 2 (3): 1-9.
  9. Charles Crabtree, David Darmofal, and Holger L. Kern. 2015. "A Spatial Analysis of the Impact of West German Television on Protest Mobilization During the East German revolution." Journal of Peace Research, 52 (3): 269-284.
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    Editor-Reviewed Journal Articles

    1. Charles Crabtree, Christopher J. Fariss, and Paul Schuler. "The Presidential Election in Belarus, October 2015." Electoral Studies, 40 (June) 304-307.

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    Other Editor-Reviewed Publications

    1. Charles Crabtree, Christopher J. Fariss, and Paul Schuler. March 24, 2017. " In Belarus, Europe’s 'last dictator' is Actually Allowing Protest.." The Monkey Cage, The Washington Post.
    2. Margaret H. Ariotti and Charles Crabtree. Spring 2016. "Improving the Interpretability and Research Transparency of Maps." CP: Newsletter of the Comparative Politics Organized Section of the American Political Science Association
    3. Charles Crabtree, David Darmofal, and Holger L. Kern. February 26, 2015. "How Did West German TV Affect East German Protests?" The Monkey Cage, The Washington Post.

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    Unpublished Manuscripts

    Revise and Resubmit

    1. Charles Crabtree, Holger L. Kern, and Steve Pfaff, "Mass Media and the Diffusion of Collective Action in Authoritarian Regimes: The June 1953 East German Uprising." (Revise and resubmit at International Studies Quarterly.)
    2. Micah Gell-Redman, Neil Visalvanich, Charles Crabtree, and Christopher J. Fariss, "It's All About that Race: How State Legislators Respond to Immigrant Constituents." (Revise and resubmit at Political Research Quarterly.)

    Under Review

    1. Charles Crabtree, Christopher J. Fariss, and Holger L. Kern, "Truth Replaced by Silence: An Internet Experiment on Private Censorship in Russia."
    2. Charles Crabtree, Matt Golder, Thomas Gschwend and Indriði Indriðason, "Campaign Sentiment in European Party Manifestos."
    3. Rose McDermott, Charles Crabtree, and Pete Hatemi, "Experimentation in Political Science: A Call for Best Ethical Practices and a New Standard - Respect for Society."
    4. Charles Crabtree and Nils Weidmann, "Internet Service Provision under Authoritarian Rule: Experimental Evidence from Belarus."
    5. Charles Crabtree and Michael J. Nelson, "Natural Resource Dependence and its Corrosive Effect on De Facto Judicial Independence."
    6. Nicholas Dietrich and Charles Crabtree, "Domestic Demand for Human Rights: Free Speech and the Freedom–Security Trade-Off."
    7. Charles Crabtree and Holger L. Kern, "Using Electromagnetic Signal Propagation Models to Calculate Radio and Television Coverage: An Introduction."
    8. Christopher J. Fariss, Charles Crabtree, Therese Anders, Zachary M. Jones, Fridolin Linder, and Jonathan Markowitz, "Estimating Historic Measures of GDP, Population, and GDP Per Capita."
    9. D. Alex Hughes, Micah Gell-Redman, Charles Crabtree, Natarajan Krishnaswami, Diana Rodenberger, and Guillermo Monge, "Who Else Gets to Vote? New Evidence for Discrimination Among County Election Officials."
    10. Charles Crabtree and Michael J. Nelson, "A Comprehensive Test of Insurance Theory."

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