The most impactful work occurs when diverse groups tackle complex problems. I help create these groups in my own work, in various community-building endeavors, and in my work with external organizations and partners.


I like conducting research with other people, and I've been very lucky to work with many talented, kind scholars across institutions, fields, and countries. I encourage you to check out their websites, read their research, and collaborate with them as well.
  • Yipeng Cheng (Waseda)
  • Alice Chong (Waseda University)
  • Yuya Endo (Waseda)
  • Taranamoll Kaur (UC, San Diego)
  • Erika Kojima (Waseda University)
  • Hoi-ki Leung (Waseda)
  • Wen Long (Waseda)
  • Viet-Hung Nguyen-Cao (Waseda)
  • Kasey Rhee (Dartmouth)
  • Ana Ross (Penn State)
  • Junyao Zhang (Waseda)

Community Building

I enjoy building and strengthening scholarly communities related to my research interests. I have organized (or co-organized) 4 conferences, 7 mini-conferences, and over 200 seminars and workshops.

Virtual workshops

I currently work on two community-building efforts. First, I am the founder and co-organizer of the Asian Politics Online Political Seminar Series (APOSS). The series, motivated by the wave of conference and seminar cancellations in spring 2020, aims to provide political scientists working in, on, or adjacent to Asia a forum where they can receive feedback about their work in progress. Second, I'm a co-founder and co-organizer of the Japanese Politics Online Seminar Series (JPOSS), a virtual forum to present and discuss research-in-progress on questions related to Japanese politics, broadly defined.
Please submit your work to APOSS or JPOSS!
My interest in developing research communities goes back several years. From Fall 2015 to Spring 2020, Holger Kern and I organized mini-conferences on the Politics of Authoritarian Regimes to coincide with the annual meetings of the Southern Political Science Association (2016201720182019). From Fall 2016 to Spring 2020, Holger and I also organized the Virtual Workshop on Authoritarian Regimes (VWAR), which provided scholars of authoritarian regimes with an opportunity to receive feedback from multiple discussants on their research in progress. We held 43 sessions together over four years.
Virtual workshop evaluations


My Erdős number is 5.
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