My primary goal when teaching is to provide students with the analytical and statistical tools that they need to evaluate claims that people make about politics, specifically, and the world, more generally.


At Dartmouth College, I teach Quantitative Political Analysis and Experiments in Politics. My top-line evaluations for these classes are below. At Dartmouth, scores closer to 1 indicate better evaluations.
Dartmouth Evaluations
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Other places

I've been fortunate to teach a variety of courses and workshops to a range of students across universities and levels. For example, at the graduate student level, I’ve taught multiple workshops on experiments at Waseda University. I’ve also taught two classes on Computational Text Analysis for Legal Practice at the University of Virginia School of Law with Kevin Cope.
In addition, I've taught a variety of short, informal methods workshops at universities in the United States, Europe, and Asia. The workshops that I've taught in Asia have been attended by hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and local bureaucrats and government officials. According to the surveys I administer at the end of these workshops, attendees have found them very helpful. 👇
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